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Comprehensive test and assessment for IoT devices

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  • World’s first and only IoT test product that can emulate complex real-world networks that include hospitals, meeting rooms, and conference centers
  • Integrated product that combines the functionality of multiple tools in one single product, greatly simplifying the user experience and reducing TCO
  • Powerful system that can test IoT devices for line-rate throughput or scale networks to real-world conditions
  • Real-time statistics to cut down debug time, and real-time capture for deep-dive analysis
  • Single product to address test needs throughout product life-cycle, from early stages of design/development to interoperability testing before deployment
  • Built-in, click-and-go tests for characterizing performance over distance, roams, ecosystems, interference, and data-plane traffic
  • Channel modeling to emulate real-world RF channels during testing
  • Interference generation—Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Microware, and other RF interference

Characterize and Optimize IoT Devices Under Real-World Deployment Conditions

Problem: Technology Complexity Results in Inadequate IoT Device Testing

Internet of things (IoT) is bringing about a paradigm shift in the industry. It’s ushering in an era of hyper-efficiency driven by information and connectivity. Companies that are moving fast to adopt these technologies and ramp up their IoT offerings are soon finding that overall complexity, combined with the lack of test tools and best practices, are impacting their go-to-market plans. Inadequate test strategy leaves companies exposed to a lot of risk from mission-critical applications failing in the field.

Solution: Comprehensive IoT Testing, Simplified

Ixia IoT has been designed from the ground-up to comprehensively address the test needs of the IoT market. Whether its teams involved in early stages of R&D or ones involved in deployment/integration, our IoT has all the use-cases covered in a single test solution. With a simple to use UI, built-in tests, real-time stats, and automated analysis engine, Ixia IoT can improve test coverage, while saving time and enabling teams to be more efficient throughout the release cycle.

Keysight IoT

Testing is Critical as IoT Devices Flood the Market

Lights. Cameras. Action. All online and available anywhere thanks to the Internet of Things. Over 6.4 billion things connect in the IoT as of 2016 and 2.5 billion of those sit inside business applications.

With 5.5 million new things being connected every day, your enterprise is hosting a lot of new, possibly barely tested online devices

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