The N1077A Optical/Electrical Clock Recovery provides standards-compliant clock recovery capabilities for single-mode and multimode optical as well as electrical signals from 50 MBd to 16 or 32 GBd PAM4 and NRZ


  • 50 Mbaud to 32 Gbaud data rate range (continuous) on optical and electrical designs
  • Standards-compliant clock recovery (CR) for NRZ and PAM-4 data signals
  • Optimal ease-of-use with integrated splitter and bulk optics coupler (option SMS)
  • Insight into root cause(s) for jitter using Jitter Spectrum Analysis (option JSA). Perform compliant PLL bandwidth and peaking measurements using N1010300A FlexPLL Application software and N1081PLCA PCI Express PLL Test Application

What's included:

  • USB cable (for connection to DCA-X mainframe or user-supplied PC)
  • Power cord
  • Electrical semi-rigid jumper cable
  • Instrument cover

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