• IF and mmWave 5G module design and verification test (DVT)
  • Low volume mmWave manufacturing


Lower Cost of Test

  •  Test 5G module performance over any 3GPP-defined mmWave bands with a single remote radio head
  •  Re-use remote radio heads across multiple Keysight measurement solutions

Simplified Calibration and Integration

  • Reduce system complexity with a single compact solution covering IF and multiple mmWave bands for both transmit and receive paths
  • Characterize module performance over-the-air with seamless integration with Keysight OTA chambers


M1740A mmWave Transceiver for 5G

  •  Supports all 3GPP specified 28 GHz, 39 GHz, and 40 GHz bands in FR2

E7760B Wideband Transceiver

  • Simultaneous signal generation and analysis with independent frequency and power
  • Two bi-directional IF ports
  • Six RF ports for multiple device testing

Keysight’s 5G mmWave non-signaling solution addresses non-signaling testing of a broad range of 5G modules. It reduces system cost and development time with a streamlined approach built around a test head that covers all four 3GPP defined bands and can be re-used across multiple Keysight platforms. Within the system, a wideband transceiver provides access to IF and serves as the foundation of a flexible mmWave test solution. Save time and money by utilizing this one solution to test both IF and RF. Confidently test, knowing that the same X-Series application measurement algorithms you are familiar with serve as the software backbone of the solution.

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