Develop C-V2X With Confidence As 5G Evolves

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) depend on technologies that enable greater situational awareness: observing, predicting, and automatically taking action. Cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) has emerged as the wireless link that can help developers achieve higher levels of autonomous operation. However, because C-V2X is built on the evolving 5G standard, its test requirements are a moving target.

Currently, Keysight offers the only solution that is tracking along with the evolving C-V2X requirements. The SA8700A C-V2X test solution supports RF, protocol, and application-layer testing, as well as the underlying platform will support future releases of 5G NR C-V2X. This protects your initial investment in the solution, and it will accelerate deployment of the technologies that enable advanced AV capabilities.

The foundation is the proven Keysight UXM 5G wireless test set. We couple this with the C-V2X test application (C8732114A), a suite of Keysight X-Apps C-V2X RF measurements (C87320R1A), C-V2X waveform generation (C87320R2A), an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) stack, and application-layer testing. If you’re already using another Keysight solution for 4G LTE or 5G testing, the C-V2X solution leverages the same X-Apps and the same measurement algorithms used in our signal analyzers and wireless test sets.

Meet stringent goals for quality, performance and safety

  • Simplify C-V2X protocol and RF measurements with an intuitive user interface
  • Emulate GNSS signals with an RF vector signal generator (Keysight N5182B MXG X-Series)
  • Utilize an advanced 5G measurement platform (Keysight UXM 5G wireless test set)
  • Measure Rel14 C-V2X now and be future-ready for 5G NR V2X
  • Be ready for C-V2X conformance testing

Utilize a comprehensive and holistic approach to testing

  • Cover RF, protocol and application-layer testing with a single platform
  • Address protocol and functional testing of the Uu and PC5 interfaces
  • Characterize transmitter performance: power, error-vector magnitude (EVM), frequency accuracy, in-band emissions, adjacent channel leakage ratio (ACLR)
  • Perform detailed receiver testing: sensitivity, maximum input level, adjacent-channel selectivity

How V2X will Revolutionize the Mobility Experience

Improved safety. More efficient journeys. Evolved luxury. The ability of a vehicle to communicate with its surrounding environment offers an endless number of possibilities. However, V2X creates new challenges for OEMs and road operators, requiring that use cases are tested against communication standards, regulatory requirements, and interoperability.

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