Tailor your system with this 10711A adjustable optics mount that is compatible with multiple interferometers. It allows for ± 5 degrees tilt and yaw adjustment.


The Keysight 10711A adjustable optics mount makes alignment faster and easier. It is a convenient accessory for the Keysight 10702A linear interferometer, 10706A/B plane mirror interferometers, 10715A differential interferometer, and 10716A high resolution interferometer. Allows for ± 5 degrees tilt and yaw adjustment.

The Keysight 10711A optics mount is one of many components that helps tailor your interferometer system for the physical layout and measurement requirements of a specific application. Configured with appropriate laser head and system electronics, Keysight optics products build a precise positioning system providing the highest positioning accuracy, resolution, and repeatability. 

  • Usable with a variety of interferometers
  • Available for use in PC and VMEbus compatible systems
  • Weight: 141.1 g (5 oz)

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