Low-loss Materials Research in 5G Communications

Application Notes


Wireless communication continues to move forward with the development of 5G technology well underway. 5G brings with its unprecedented challenges that require thinking in new ways to meet the aggressive performance goals. Staying current with 5G is critical for deploying this emerging technology. Signal losses have become a major concern for the 5G ecosystem, particularly in the millimeter-wave frequency band. This has led to increase of low-loss materials demand. In order to cater to the research demand, a reliable and automated measurement solution is needed for precise and accurate measurement.

Keysight Materials Measurement Solutions

Keysight has wide varieties of portfolio in materials measurement. The N1500A Materials Measurement Suite has flexible option configuration allows you to choose from the a few measurement methods. Depending on the vector network analyzer and sample holder used, frequency can extend from low MHz to low THz. The VNA measures the materials response to RF or microwave energy, and the software make complex permittivity and permeability calculation from the materials response. 


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