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N7300 Series Chipset Software

Technical Overviews

N7300 Series Software: CLI and API User Interfaces

Designed for use with the N4010A wireless connectivity test set, E6607A EXT wireless com-munications test set, N8300A wireless networking test set, N9020A MXA or N9010A EXA signal analyzer in conjunction with the N5182A/62A MXG or E4438C ESG vector signal generator, the N7300 Series chipset software performs fast and accurate wireless production test for today’s—and future—wireless devices and modules.

The two main use models for the N7300 Series software are:

1. Use the command line interface (CLI) application for stand-alone device calibration and verification. A simple test plan configuration can be implemented using the setup.ini file.

2. Interface to the N7300 Series software’s application programming interface (API) via the user’s own test executive.

The N7300 Series software’s high-level API allows:

  • Programmatic configuration of the calibration/verification test plan setup
  • Control of the N7300 Series software
  • Extraction of data and results to databases/logs for further analysis

In both use models, by providing an easy way of combining instrument and DUT control, Keysight Technologies, Inc. is shortening the test development process and promoting the fastest time-to-market. This is achieved by working with the chipset vendor on optimizing the calibration routine and test plan automation, removing the need for the end user to do this.

Ordering Information

The N7300 Series chipset software provides fixed, 3-month, or transportable licenses for the following chipsets. Licenses can be ordered at the time of instrument purchase or at a later date. To assist with the test software development, an Installation Guide, User/Reference Guide, and COM (Microsoft’s Component Object Model) Help are provided for each licensed software product. N7399B silicon vendor encrypted waveform licenses are designed to playback N7300 Series waveforms on one box testers or signal sources. N7399B licenses are the default for all WiMAX and Femtocell N73xxA purchases and will be automatically added to your order.

Product Configuration

Keysight N7300 Series chipset software are cross-instrument solutions that are supported on the Keysight N9020A MXA and N9010A EXA signal analyzers, N5182A/62A MXG and E4438C ESG signal sources, and the E6607A EXT, N4010A, and N8300A one box test set hardware.


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