Detecting, identifying, and locating interference signals is increasingly challenging. Monitoring and logging spectrum use over extended periods help you develop knowledge of band and channel activity on a daily or even minute-to-minute basis. This knowledge serves a range of applications, including commercial wireless services, facility spectrum management, regulatory activities, military, and test range operations.

Whether your mission is to intercept, detect, monitor, or trend and analyze, our diverse spectrum monitoring and signal analysis solutions and deep familiarity with wireless communications give you an edge.

Spectrum Monitoring Workflow

Below are the primary steps to perform spectrum monitoring.
  1. Deployment Planning and Modeling
  2. RF Survey, Signal Classification
  3. Signal Analysis and Identification
  4. Emitter Location
  5. Spectrum Data and Report Generation
Spectrum Monitoring Workflow
N6820ES Spectrum Monitoring Surveyor 4D Software

Automating RF Survey, Signal Classification

The N6820ES Signal Surveyor 4D software is compatible with many RF receivers, including the N6841A RF Sensor, M9393A PXI Vector Signal Analyzer, FieldFox Handheld Analyzer, and more. The software enables awareness of spectrum use with gap-free monitoring, advanced energy detection, triggers, and automatic alarm tasking.

Signal Analysis and Identification

Once an IQ time-series recording is made, you can load the recording into Keysight Vector Signal Analysis software to be analyzed, demodulated, and classified.

89600 VSA Digital Demodulation
N6854A RF Geolocation Server Software

Emitter Location

Powerful geolocation algorithms using time difference of arrival (TDOA), received signal strength (RSS), or a unique adaptive hybrid technique provides an estimated location of unknown RF emitters using a network of N6841A RF sensors. You can export geolocation results to commercial mapping software such as Google Earth.

Spectrum Monitoring Receivers

Monitor the RF spectrum and protect against RF interference. Keysight offers a range of spectrum monitoring tools — from high-performance signal analyzers to remote weatherproof sensors to affordable hand-held signal analyzers.

Spectrum monitoring tool image

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