5G NR and Beyond

This demo shows how network equipment manufacturers can perform gNB characterization today while being prepared for evolving standards. It uses a 5G multi-channel test bed to generate 5G NR signals and a dual-channel VXG signal generator with Signal Studio software to create “5G NR and beyond” signal waveforms. An oscilloscope digitizes and analyzes and receives the signals directly.

Get to market first while remaining agile

  • Widest bandwidth to 110 GHz
  • Advanced modulation
  • Multi-channel Tx/Rx

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Sub THz 6G

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The demo showcases Keysight’s R&D wideband Millimeter Wave test bed which addresses the bandwidth and performance demands for 6G research. It features an arbitrary waveform generator to generate a wideband IF which is upconverted to the D or G-band. On the receive side, the signal is down-converted to a 4–6 GHz IF and digitized with a high-performance oscilloscope or digitizer.

Research 6G now with up to 10 GHz bandwidth

  • Widest bandwidth to 220 GHz
  • Low residual EVM
  • Scalable for MIMO

Handheld RF Tester

The next generation of FieldFox is a field test solution for 5G and wideband signal monitoring. The FieldFox handheld RF tester is an ideal tool for 5G deployment with frequency coverage up to 26.5 GHz and 100 MHz of real-time bandwidth. In combination with a phased array antenna, the FieldFox helps 5G operators perform accurate measurements for coverage and beamforming verification.

Comprehensive RF Signal Analysis

  • OTA 5G NR demodulation
  • Real-time analysis
  • 110 GHz support

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Phased Array Antenna Test

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Many of today's wireless communications and aerospace/defense components require multiport and multisite testing. Keysight's new PXI and USB VNA solutions, up to 53 GHz, increase measurement accuracy and reduce test time of high port-count devices like phased array antennas.

Multiport/multisite measurements

  • High-performance PXI VNA
  • Test up to 66 ports
  • Flexible & configurable

Lab Equipment Management

Get access to the most comprehensive array of people, processes, and tools in the industry to help you improve productivity and product quality. Our calibration, repair, asset optimization, technology refresh, education, financing, and additional services focus on lowering your risks and costs.

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