Optical attenuators and switches are used to control signal power and routing. Keysight's variable optical attenuators combine high performance with advanced functionality.

The single-mode fiber N7761A, N7762A and N7764A provide 1, 2 or 4 attenuation channels in a compact remote-controlled instrument. These attenuators provide very fast adjustment and have built-in output power monitoring for accurate power setting and control, as needed for receiver sensitivity testing or in system simulations.

The new multimode fiber N7766A and N7768A are the 2 and 4 channel instruments for multimode applications. The minature bulk optics with parallel-beam path is designed for homogeneous attenuation of the mode distribution for well-controlled launch conditions to the device under test. Power settings times of under 200ms speed manufacturing processes.

The N7751A and N7752A combine one or two single-mode fiber attenuators with 2 power meter channels, for very convenient path loss calibration and power measurement. Built-in routines can directly use the power reading to set offset values for the attenuator.

The 8157xA-series modular attenuators are optimized for handling high power levels and wavelength-flat control of multiple wavelengths, especially for optical amplifier test and metrology applications. The 81576A and 81577A also include power monitoring and control.

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