• Emulate in the lab normal and worst-case conditions that occur over live production LAN/WAN networks
  • Test hardware, protocols, and applications to validate performance and interoperability
  • Characterize end-user experience under real-world conditions
  • Reproduce and quickly resolve issues occurring in the field
  • Test 5G networks and the impact of delay and impairments
  • Test the effect of delay on the network and application performance
  • Determine how applications will perform when distributed across data centers
  • Cause outage and degrade scenarios to trigger and validate fail-over protection

Knowing How Networks and Devices Will Behave Under Real-World Conditions

All too often, we see devices and applications come to market or deploy on a network without having faced the rigors of the real networks they must support. This makes for an unpleasant experience for the organizations using these products and their network end-users alike.

Whether in the lab or pre-deployment, effective testing requires a real-world environment that reproduces realistic network conditions and behavior. All software and hardware should be subjected to a realistic test environment before deployment.

Network Emulator 100G+
Network Emulator 100G+

Real-World Network Impairment Testing

Network Emulator 3 is a precision test instrument for 100GE, 50GE, 40GE, 25GE, and 10GE Ethernet impairment. The device allows users to accurately emulate the real network conditions that occur over live production LAN/WAN networks. By emulating realistic and worst-case network conditions in the lab, users can validate and test the performance of new hardware, protocols, and applications to prevent failures in production networks.

The Network Emulator 3 offers a rich feature-set to allow testing in a controlled lab environment with repeatable and predictable impairments.

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