5G Non-Signaling Manufacturing Test Solution: Confidently Verify 5G NR Devices with Test Plans Optimized for Speed

Solution Briefs

Reduce Cost of Testing LTE and 5G NR Mobile Devices


The need for more efficient mobile networks that support lower latencies and faster data rates is driving the wireless communications industry to adopt 5G at an accelerating pace. The successful roll-out of new wireless technologies depends on mobile operators’ ability to manage this transition. The first 5G networks are expected to work in tandem with long-term evolution (LTE), using 5G New Radio (NR) non-standalone (NSA) mode as described by the third-generation partnership project (3GPP).


Initial deployment of 5G NR will rely on dual connectivity, which means the user equipment (UE) is able to transmit and receive data on the LTE eNB and 5G gNB simultaneously. This will set the stage for the progression of the 5G wireless system, and in the long term, the existing 4G spectrum can be re-farmed to future use cases.


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