[Connected Car] V2X Module Manufacturing Test Solution


Want to maximize your competitive edge with efficient tests for faster time to new market, quick production ramp-up and customer support ?

Let us help you achieve this.

Hardware used by major 802.11p module vendors

Hardware platform E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set has been selected by key manufacturers of communication modules and equipment, including Continental AG and Delphi since its launch in 2014 full-stop. Keysight has shipped thousands of units worldwide, and even now, we continue to increase the number of shipments.

Enhanced software platform with proven performance

Are you trying to build manufacturing tests using evaluation software for chip operation provided by chipset vendors? Besides chip control and measurement functions, you will need sufficient test coverage based on actual scenarios.

Keysight's proprietary sequencer software platforms are already being used by major manufacturing bases worldwide. We have gained experience at a number of manufacturing sites for wireless communication modules. Our platform offers higher performance and stability than similar solutions offered by other companies.

Commitment to the automobile test market

Keysight is a member of key global consortia that promote standardizations for the V2X industry. We are committed to driving innovations for design and test for the Connected Car.

Development of collaborative solutions with market players

Keysight supports Renesas, Autotalks and other major 802.11p chipset controls. It helps reduce test time by achieving high-speed calibration and measurement.

Maximization of investment effect

E6640A EXM can be used for measurement with various wireless communication standards such as mobile phone and wireless LAN. It can easily cope with line changes according to an increase or decrease in production volume.

Consistent support available around the world

We help you establish and deploy your tests strategy seamlessly to support your global design and manufacturing footprints, thus reducing deployment time and risks of schedule delays.

Reduction of overlapping costs

In addition to EXM for manufacturing, SA / SG is used for development and supports chipset control. The test environment built at the design evaluation stage can be applied directly to manufacturing.

High-speed, high-accuracy calibration and measurement algorithms

Various high-speed methods such as parallel processing can be developed using Keysight-unique sequencer software platforms for manufacturing tests.


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