E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set


Keysight E6640A

EXM Wireless Test Set

Solve Today, Evolve Tomorrow with the EXM

In the wireless industry, an incredible amount of technology is packed into every smartphone and tablet. The multi-antenna, multi-radio devices with both cellular and wireless connectivity are evolving quickly to meet end users demands for fast data throughput, universal access, and instantaneous sharing. This presents challenges to those developing and manufacturing the latest chipsets and user equipment (UE).

Successful manufacturing organizations need tools that help them meet ever-tougher goals and tighter schedules. Access to the best resources will help them deal with the technical, business, and operational risks that, when managed carefully, ensure success. When these factors are under control, the organization is able to achieve several key goals:

  • Ramping up new production quickly
  • Achieving and optimizing volume production
  • Minimizing the total cost of test
  • Meeting budget
  • Reducing wastage

The measurement challenges generated by today’s multi-format, multi-band devices are difficult — and the key to success is finding test methods that are more efficient and more effective. Within this context, the Keysight Technologies, Inc. E6640A EXM wireless test set builds on the non-signaling and sequencing capabilities of Keysight’s previous test sets.

Designed to Grow with You

EXM is a PXI standard-based platform with an architecture that expands parallel testing and provides the ultimate in scalability. Key to the flexibility of the EXM test set is the feature-rich transmit/receive module (TRX). With the freedom to start with one TRX and add up to three additional TRXs, or upgrade the TRXs’ frequency coverage or analysis bandwidth, you can cost-effectively meet today’s requirements while preserving your investment in the future when your production needs expand.

Advanced isolation for TRX-to-TRX and across RFIOs addresses the need for test stations to support the increasing density of antennas and devices. The field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and Keysight-designed, application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) used in each TRX also helps improve the data processing speed to allow the fastest execution of test plans.

Accelerate from NPI to Full-volume Production

In addition to its integrated and versatile hardware architecture, EXM’s broadest format coverage in cellular and wireless connectivity technologies helps you accelerate automated design validation, NPI, and volume production.

Use EXM to test a certain set of technologies today, and when your devices change in the future, support other technologies via a simple software upgrade. You can even test different formats on different TRXs in parallel, without using separate instruments.

Each measurement and waveform application license applies to all TRXs in a given instrument, so when it’s time to add more TRXs to your EXM, all existing licenses extend to them too. Buy the software you need today and easily add new application licenses in the future to match your production line needs.

Broadest multi-format coverage

EXM is ready to test 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular including the latest LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation, as well as various wireless connectivity standards such as Bluetooth, WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/j/p/ac/ah/af, WLAN MIMO, and Zigbee.

Roll Out Production Lines with Greater Speed and Confidence

With our validated turnkey chipset solutions, you can roll out new production lines, or upgrade them, with greater speed and confidence – and be up and running in a matter of hours.

Save time with validated chipset solutions

Through chipset-specific calibration and verification routines, EXM helps you reduce the time and cost of test development. By leveraging proven solutions for every manufacturing line producing devices with a supported chipset, you gain certainty about chipset compatibility and validated EXM test capabilities that directly control the chipset. It’s also easy to access the fastest, most reliable calibration and verification functions offered in each vendor’s chipset, and implement chipset improvements in the future. You simply load the latest test packages into the EXM test set.

Keysight’s ongoing collaboration with chipset vendors ensures the readiness of EXM to work with wireless chipsets now and in the future. Wireless chipset vendors benefit from Keysight’s industry-proven measurement expertise to achieve the highest test speed possible for specific chipsets in manufacturing lines.


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