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High Availability Makes Monitoring More Reliable

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According to the 2016 Veeam Availability Report, 84% of the businesses surveyed are not delivering the uptime for services and applications that their users require. The downtime often correlates to real money lost. In addition to the lack of availability for applications, this availability concern also ripples through associated technologies like network monitoring and inline tool deployments. According to a survey run by Enterprise Management Associates in October of 2016, High Availability (HA) is one of the top three most important features for data monitoring equipment. The reason is simple, IT needs the monitoring data to isolate issues as fast as possible and the use of inline device deployments cannot be allowed to interrupt or disable the network. This is where network packet brokers (NPBs) that support HA are important for both inline and out-of-band monitoring solutions because they support the high network reliability standards that are needed for today’s networks.

Read this solution brief to learn how to:

  • Increase network reliability for inline security tool deployments
  • Protect against monitoring data loss for out-of-band monitoring tool deployments
  • Reduce corporate risk from loss of security and monitoring data
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