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The ability to accurately capture and analyze signals is paramount in electronics and digital system design. Keysight Technologies, Inc. presents a rich array of logic analyzer probes and solutions tailored for ball grid array (BGA) interposers. These probing solutions empower engineers and developers to harness the full potential of their Keysight logic analyzers, ensuring precise measurements and efficient project progress. This data sheet offers specifications for each of the logic analyzer probes as well as a guide to which probes are compatible with specific logic analyzers and which probes are best suited for various applications.

Diverse Range of Probing Solutions:
The data sheet outlines an extensive range of probing solutions, each designed to cater to specific measurement needs:

  • Soft Touch Connectorless Probing:
    Connectorless logic analyzer probing removes the connector traditionally attached to the target board and replaces it with an array of probe pads. This reduces the probe load on the target by eliminating the loading associated with the physical body of the connector. Additionally, this streamlines the design flow by eliminating the need to assign a logic analyzer connector to the bill of material of your board, procuring those connectors and then having them loaded onto your board. These probes, utilizing micro spring-pin technology, ensure reliable contact without relying on board planarity or specific plating processes. With a 30% smaller footprint than previous iterations, they provide a compact, industry-standard connectorless footprint.
  • High-Density, High-Performance Probing Solutions:
    Keysight's Pro Series of soft touch connectorless probes, such as the E5404B offer 34 channels, supporting differential or single-ended clock and data inputs. These probes have < 0.7 pF input capacitance, enabling data rates of up to 4 Gb/s. The E5394A and E5396A variants, with 34 and 16 channels respectively, further augment this lineup, offering flexibility and precision.
  • General-Purpose Probing:
    The E5382B and E5381B flying lead probes cater to diverse scenarios. With 17 channels each, they provide single-ended and differential options for acquiring signals from dispersed locations. These probes maintain excellent performance, capable of handling data rates up to 1.5 Gb/s while ensuring a minimal input capacitance for accurate measurements.

Tailored Solutions for Memory System Validation:
Keysight Technologies addresses the critical need for memory system validation with precision tools including logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, and compliance software. For this purpose, Keysight offers a range of BGA interposers. Positioned between memory controllers and devices, these interposers facilitate signal quality and protocol measurements with minimal impact on the system under JEDEC’s DDR test requirements.

Robust Performance Metrics:
The probing solutions from Keysight boast impressive specifications:

  • High input impedance ensures minimal circuit intrusion.
  • Rugged mechanical design ensures reliable electrical connections.
  • Immunity to electromagnetic noise guarantees accurate data capture.
  • Front-end circuitry on Keysight logic analyzers supports specified state and timing requirements, ensuring accurate signal capture at specified clock rates.

Probing Selection Guidelines:
Engineers are guided through the selection process based on the type of logic analyzer they possess. Whether it's a 40-pin, 90-pin, or 160-pin front panel connector, Keysight offers probes tailored to each interface, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.


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