Exhaustive performance and compliance test solutions for 100G and 400G Datacom optical transceiver modules

Optical transceiver modules are deployed all the way along the data journey through the data center. They come with different optical and electrical interfaces, form factors, and speed classes. Today 10GE, 40GE and 100GE are deployed. However, data center operators are moving fast toward 400GE in the data center. Since 100GE and 400GE optical transceivers from different vendors will need to co-exist, interoperability is a must to ensure quick deployment and evolution of a data center infrastructure.

Diagram illustrating a Data Center's Infrastructure with spine-leaf architecture

Figure 1: The 100G and 400G transceivers ecosystem in data centers

Keysight provides turn-key performance and compliance test solutions for optical transceiver modules. Our optical transceiver test solutions include specific equipment configurations, combined with solution software, enabling full automation of compliance testing and ensuring accuracy and repeatability of results. Keysight’s solutions support the recommendations defined in the following standards and multi-source agreements (MSAs):

100GBASE-ER4/-LR4/-SR4, 100G MSAs (CWDM4, CLR4, 4WDM), 200GBASE-DR4/-FR4/-LR4, 400GBASE-LR8/-FR8/-DR4, CAUI-10, CAUI-2, CAUI-4, 200GAUI-8/-4, 400GGAUI-8, CEI-56G-VSR-NRZ, CEI-VSR-PAM4, CEI-112G

Keysight’s solutions are designed to enable the same equipment to be used for multiple purposes, such as electrical and optical receiver test for 100GE and 400GE – thus protecting your investment. In addition, our compliance test software supports custom test definitions to characterize the performance of modules or transmitter/receiver optical sub-assemblies during the design and development phases.

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