PerfectStorm 40/10GE Load Module

PerfectStorm 40/10GE Load Module

Scalable for high-performance application and security needs

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  • Unified applications and security test platform, with support for BreakingPoint and IxLoad software
  • Real-World Traffic™ at massive scale
  • Hardware-based acceleration for SSL and IPsec
  • Multi-user environment leverages the per-port user ownership model for all ports on the test modules installed into the chassis
  • Native 40GE QSFP+interfaces with support for 4 x10GE SFP+ per port via fanout cables
  • Resource aggregation

PerfectStorm is a highly modular hardware test platform enabling equipment providers, service providers and enterprises the ability to create real-world, high-stress conditions and user behavior to push new equipment and networks to their limits.

Equipped with powerful multi-core, multi-threaded network processors, PerfectStorm 40 GE is designed to satisfy the testing needs of manufacturers needing speed flexibility in their testing resources.

Networking equipment manufacturers building new equipment or service providers and large enterprises integrating this them benefit from testing and verifying performance and functionality prior to deployment.

The PerfectStorm 40GE load module features two ports capable of functioning as two 40G ports (40G mode) or eight 10G ports (10G mode).

The advanced aggregation capabilities of the PerfectStorm family allow each blades to operate in different modes providing maximum flexibility and performance.

A single, integrated test system equipped with twelve PerfectStorm blades allows control of application traffic to a terabit of throughput, up to 720 million concurrent connections, and TCP connections rates of up to 24 Million.

The hardware-based acceleration supports massive encryption levels with up to 240Gbps of SSL traffic and 480Gbps of IPsec traffic per system. PerfectStorm utilizes inline field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for enhanced accuracy pertaining to latency measurements with a resolution of 10ns.

Whether battle-testing IT infrastructures, training cyber warriors, tuning systems and policies, or transforming security processes, PerfectStorm creates realistic environments of network attack and network loading.

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