Clean and Stable Power Up To 200 Watts

When your requirements demand more power, the E3630 Series power supply offers up to 200 W per output. This linear power supply meets the requirements of the most demanding applications in R&D design verification, production testing, and quality assurance (QA) verification with reliability you can count on.

  • Low noise linear power supply
  • Excellent regulation
  • Single output, 120 or 200 W
  • More voltage-current combinations with dual-range output
  • Four-wire remote sense
  • Secure with save and recall functions
  • Reliable with overvoltage and overcurrent protection
  • Flexible interfaces; RS232 and GPIB interfaces

Reliable Power Up To 200 W

Three single output with power supplies dual-range comprise the E3630 linear power supply series. The dual range supplies give you a high and low voltage range – the low range has the ability to source more current. Also, the E3630 Series offer 4-wire remote sense to give you an accurate voltage at the load. Tests are automated using the RS232 or GPIB interface. When you need reliable power up to 200 W, consider the time-tested E3630 series.

Key Specifications

Number of Outputs


Total Power

120 to 200 W

Ripple and Noise

< 350 µVrms


0.05% + 10 mV


RS232 and GPIB

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