N8839A Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) Compliance Test Software


  • 100% test coverage of voltage, jitter, signaling rate and return loss measurement.
  • Supports HMC Specification from HMC Consortium.
  • Offline setup allows for compliance testing on saved waveform files.
  • Switch matrix option to enable simultaneous connection of multiple data lanes.

Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) compliance test software is designed to test HMC technology, which is a revolutionary innovation in DRAM memory architecture that sets a new standard for memory performance. Use the HMC application to test, debug and characterize your designs quickly. It automatically configures the oscilloscope for each test and generates an informative HTML report at the end of the test. The application not only compares the results with the specification test limit but also includes margin analysis that indicates how closely the device passes or fails each test.

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