Interactive Functional Test Software.


Accelerate functional performance testing of cellular user equipment (UE) in a controlled laboratory environment

  • Reduce design and validation cycles
  • Create individual test sequences
  • Develop comprehensive test scripts
  • Create automated test plans to stress UE with simultaneous activities
  • Measure the impact on UE performance, including battery drain
  • NEW! Automation of AndroidTM powered devices

Achieve shorter design and compliance test cycles

The ever-increasing complexity of cellular devices is driving the need to stress test phones and modems using scenarios that anticipate realistic use cases. Performing this testing, and making any necessary alterations, during the design and verification stage prevents the cost of resolution from growing exponentially as the functionality-packed devices progresses further downstream. Running functional test scenarios early in development of user equipment (UE) reduces the number of cycles between design and compliance .Keysight offers a number of test solutions based on functional test demands. Our measurement knowledge and testing experience is built in to a range of test tools, so you can focus on UE verification testing rather than developing in-house test tools.

The Keysight Technologies N5972A interactive functional test (IFT) software provides an automated and simplified interface for testing cellular UE for real-world network scenarios experienced by end users. Highly-configurable, this performance test software allows you to tailor test plans to verify functionality that is important to you and your customers and measure performance in a controlled laboratory environment. With IFT software you can perform multiple tests simultaneously. For example, characterize what happens when a user is performing an FTP download, receiving an SMS message, and moving away from the base station (cell power is decreasing). You can also measure battery performance whilst performing these tests or when simulating use cases for different customer profiles.

Example System Setup For Automated Operation

With the IFT software, you can run tests manually or automate them for unattended testing - now including the ability to automate many functions of AndroidTM devices. You can make reliable, repeatable measurements without having to create complex code or program test equipment, so you can focus on fine-tuning the design of UE hardware, firmware and software applications for optimal UE performance, and progress rapidly to deployment.

Keysight gives you “greater insight” into your UE designs. We do this by providing greater insight into complex wireless technology, evolving standards and how to test to them and deeper insight into the root causes of your design problems.

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