In the era of Open RAN (O-RAN), wireless network architectures are moving toward disaggregation and radio access network (RAN) virtualization, utilizing a growing number of standard interfaces. 5G design and validation teams face new and diverse test challenges to accelerate the development and integration of O-RAN-compliant equipment. Network equipment manufacturers, mobile operators and chipset providers need integrated solutions that address their evolving test requirements. These include not only traditional functional and performance test, but also conformance and compliance test against standardized interoperability specifications, such as those set by 3GPP and O-RAN organizations.

O-RAN Fronthaul Conformance Testing 

Service providers worldwide are driving adoption of an open radio access network (RAN). The O-RAN Alliance has defined a 5G RAN architecture that breaks down what was once a single-vendor, hardware-centric RAN into several sections with standardized interfaces between them.

Making open RAN work calls for stringent testing requirements. With the introduction of the open RAN and a distributed RAN, it is now necessary to test each component in isolation for conformance to the standards. It is also important to test the components in combinations for interoperability.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about O-RAN fronthaul conformance testing requirements and methodologies. 


Keysight offers a comprehensive test portfolio for end-to-end performance verification of any 5G network element, spanning from the physical layer to the application layer. Our portfolio validates the performance of virtualized 5G radio access and core network functionalities across different radio and optical interfaces.



5G RAN functional and performance validation


5G RAN functional and performance validation over the O-RAN fronthaul interface 


Validate O-RAN O-CU functionality, performance and conformance over the midhaul interface


We can help you debug, characterize, validate, and test both the RF performance and functional operation of your next-generation 5G New Radio (NR) RU. Open RAN Studio provides you powerful O-RAN focused tools to construct, play, capture, and measure O-RAN traffic over 10 Gbps / 25 Gbps (fronthaul) Ethernet interfaces. Out-of-the-box integration with our PathWave Signal Generation and 89600 VSA software enables sophisticated 5G signal creation and easy capture, extraction, and export of IQ vectors – for advanced modulation analysis of received RF / mmWave signals and radio performance.

PathWave Signal Generation

Generate and playback 5G NR signals

Open RAN Studio

Construct and measure O-RAN traffic over fronthaul Ethernet interfaces

5G NR Modulation Analysis

Demodulate to pinpoint signal issues

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