FieldFox Microwave Analyzers Portable Satellite Test Solution for Field and Lab Applications

Solution Briefs

Satellite Technology Expands

Satellite communication systems play a central role in modern communication applications. Government and commercial entities expect to place nearly 60,000 satellites into the Earth’s orbit by 2030. Increasingly, complex information and data throughput support advancements in radar, surveillance, and navigation systems, and play an important role in mission-critical military applications. In addition, access to low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites will make it more cost-effective to support commercial applications like 5G, on satellite networks. 

Satellite test solution benefits include

  • Wide frequency coverage to 54 GHz
  • Supports Q/V band satellites
  • Compact for field or R&D bench use
  • Offers 25 + measurement types in one 7 lb.-box
  • Tests satellite ground stations in all weather conditions


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