Signal Analyzers X-Series


Signal Analyzers X-Series

Make an Inspired Connection

Engineering is all about connecting ideas and solving problems. This experience drives the X-Series signal analyzers: they are the benchmark for accessible performance that puts you closer to the answer by easily linking cause and effect.

Across the full spectrum—from CXA to UXA—you’ll find the tools you need to design, test and deliver your next breakthrough. Reach for the X-Series and make an inspired connection.

Deliver better results with a common multi-touch interface

With the X-Series, you can perform most operations in two steps or less using the streamlined, multi-touch user interface. To ensure measurement integrity and repeatable results, we use the same proven algorithms in every X-Series signal analyzer.

To protect your engineering investment, we’ve implemented 100-percent code compatibility across the family, enabling you to leverage test-system software from R&D to design verification to manufacturing.

See and understand device performance with measurement applications and software

Easily meet specific needs by mixing and matching our analyzers, measurement applications and software. The PathWave X-Series Applications are proven, ready-to-use measurements that capture measurement expertise and deliver repeatable results.

Our industry-leading software supports more than 75 signal standards and modulation types, helping accelerate your designs and ensuring that you can measure your signal.

Evolve with easily upgradeable instruments

It starts with an optimal combination of price and performance for whichever technology you’re pursuing. Later, it’s an easy upgrade to new applications and technologies using downloadable PathWave X-Series Applications and instrument options with no downtime via license-key upgrades. Extend longevity to keep your test assets current.

Create Solutions That Get You There Faster

Whether you’re assessing transmitters, troubleshooting receivers or analyzing over-the-air signals, the flexibility of X-Series hardware and software lets you create the optimum solution. Our signal analyzers are the foundation, built on Keysight measurement science and measurement integrity. Tight integration with PathWave X-Series Applications and software puts advanced analysis and fresh insights at your fingertips.

See and understand more with applications

The PathWave X-Series Applications are proven, ready-to-use measurements for signal analysis. Capturing measurement expertise and delivering repeatable results, the applications let you see and understand the performance of your devices and designs:

  • Get essential measurements and troubleshooting views that simplify complex operations
  • Utilize applications that range from parametric to standards-compliant wireless measurements
  • Phase noise, noise figure, pulse analysis, analog/digital demodulation
  • 5G NR, LTE/LTE-Advanced, W-CDMA, and more
  • Believe cross-platform results from applications that use the same algorithms in every X-Series model
  • Choose from multiple types of licenses including node-locked, transportable, floating, or enterprise

Explore virtually every facet of today’s most complex signals

The 89600 PathWave VSA software is a comprehensive set of tools for demodulation and vector signal analysis. These tools enable you to explore virtually every facet of a signal and optimize your most advanced designs. With support for more than 75 signal standards and modulation types, the 89600 PathWave VSA lets you measure your signal:

  • Quantify spectral performance with high-resolution, FFT-based measurements
  • Analyze time-domain signals using timing features, CCDF, and more
  • Characterize today’s most advanced modulation schemes with rich marker functions and views such as constellation, EVM and decoded bits
  • Quickly confirm signal problems with the ability to display multiple simultaneous views
  • Capture and review short-lived signal events with multi-domain digital persistence and cumulative-history traces

To help you pinpoint the root cause of signal problems, the 89600 PathWave VSA also provides capture/playback capabilities that enable detailed post-processing analysis with advanced triggering and post-capture tune-and-zoom.

UXA X-Series Signal Analyzer

Maximize the performance of your most sophisticated designs

The UXA is the flagship of our X-Series signal analyzers, delivering wide-open performance and deeper views of elusive and wideband signals. With its 14.1-inch screen, the UXA enables you to see more and take your design farther.

The ultimate performance of the UXA lets you characterize today’s most challenging signals—fast-hopping, wideband, transient—in 5G, 802.11ax/ay, satellite, radar, EW, and more. You’ll be able to fully understand the purity of your design with industry-leading phase noise and wide spurious-free dynamic range.

  • Push the envelope in current- and next generation radar and EW systems
  • Analyze bandwidth-hungry emerging standards such as 5G, satellite communications, and radar
  • Diagnose subtle design issues in LOs and frequency synthesizers

PXA X-Series Signal Analyzer

Accelerate innovation insight with benchmark performance in signal analysis

The PXA is the benchmark for performance that accelerates innovation in demanding applications. With measurement options that range from excellent to exceptional, the PXA puts you in the lead. The new N9032B PXA, offers superior performance in a compact design, while speeding the measurements up to 40% faster.

Analyze the latest signals with up to 2 GHz analysis bandwidth and better than 78 dB SFDR and reveal previously hidden signals with Noise Floor Extension (NFE). To see your device’s true behavior, get industry-leading phase noise performance by adding the Keysight-proprietary DDS-based LO.


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