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BenchVue Software

Control. Automate. Simplify.

Simplified Measurement Viewing, Control and Capture

Keysight BenchVue software for the PC eliminates many of the issues around bench testing. By making it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences you can quickly move past the test development phase and access results faster than ever before. Dedicated instrument apps allow you to quickly configure the most commonly used measurements and setups for each instrument family. Additionally, Test Flow enabled apps help you drastically shorten your development of automated programs and further streamline your workflow.

Use BenchVue Apps to:

– Configure the most commonly used controls and measurements from instruments

– Visualize multiple measurements simultaneously

– Easily log and export data and images in a few clicks for faster analysis

– Quickly create automated test sequences with minimal instrument knowledge

– Access deeper instrument controls and solutions

Save time by:

– Analyzing results within BenchVue or with built-in data exports

– Learning software quickly with common look and feel apps

– Utilizing multiple instrument apps in one easy to use software platform

See your measurements across instruments in one place to quickly correlate measurement activities and obtain actionable insight. Depending on your measurement task, BenchVue provides extensive data, trace and measurement logging capabilities all from within one piece of software.

Plug and Play Instrument Control

Connecting and controlling an instrument to BenchVue is as simple as plugging it in and launching the BenchVue instrument application. No programming or separate instrument drivers required. BenchVue will automatically detect GPIB, USB and LAN instrument connections.

BenchVue Apps

Keysight’s BenchVue software platform provides access to a wide array of instrument control, automation and analysis apps with different capabilities to enhance your productivity. These capabilities vary based on the functionality of the types of instruments, apps, and models that are connected to your PC running BenchVue software.

All instrument control apps such as BenchVue Digital Multimeter or BenchVue Oscilloscope apps allow you to easily control and build custom automated sequences using BenchVue Test Flow (for more details see page 5).

Technology-specific apps such as Solar Array Simulation software are dedicated apps for a specialized type of application or industry.

Lab management apps provide centralized lab instrument configuration, ability to track assets, and more lab administration features.

Current BenchVue apps and collections

• Complete Control Collection (BV9001B)

• Digital Multimeter (BV0001B)

• Function Generator (BV0002B)

• Power Supply (BV0003B)

• Oscilloscope (BV0004B)

• Data Acquisition (BV0006B)

• Power Meter (BV0007B)

• FieldFox Analyzer (BV0010B)

• Universal Counter (BV0011B)

• Electronic Load (BV0012B)

• Current Analyzer (BV0013B)

• LCR Meter (BV0014B)

• USB Modular Digital Multimeter App (BV0021B)

• USB Modular Function Generator App (BV0022B)

• USB Modular SMU App (BV0023B)

• USB Modular Oscilloscope App (BV0024B)

• USB Modular DAQ App (BV0025B)

• USB Modular Chassis (N/A) 1

• USB Modular Switch Matrix (N/A) 1

• Lab Manager (BV0110B)

• Lab Client (BV0111B)

• Spectrum Analyzer (Available in BV9001B)

• Network Analyzer (Available in BV9001B)

• Signal Generator (Available in BV9001B)

• Power Analyzer (N/A) 1

• Education Control Collection (BV9111B)

• Solar Array Simulation (DG8901A)

For the latest applications with free 30-day trials, check out the BenchVue Apps tab within BenchVue or visit:

Many instruments now include a BenchVue app license with a new purchase. Visit for more information


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