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N932xC Basic Spectrum Analyzer (BSA)

Product Fact Sheets

# N932xC Basic Spectrum Analyzer (BSA) from Keysight Technologies - A reliable and versatile instrument for essential applications in RF design and troubleshooting - Covers frequency range from 9 kHz to 4/7 GHz or 1 MHz to 13.6/20 GHz, depending on the model - Provides accurate and sensitive measurements of spectrum, power, modulation, reflection, and more - Supports multiple measurement modes, such as spectrum analyzer, tracking generator, reflection measurement*, modulation analysis, and power meter mode - Compatible with Keysight U2000 Series and U2020 X-Series USB power sensors for precision power measurement - Features a 6.5’’ TFT color display with multiple language UI, user-definable softkeys, task planner, GPIB interface, and security features - Offers various options for preamplifier, tracking generator, reflection measurement*, demodulation analysis, gated sweep, task planner, channel scanner, baseband input, and precision frequency reference - Available in four models: N9321C (4 GHz), N9322C (7 GHz), N9323C (13.6 GHz), and N9324C (20 GHz) - Can be ordered online or through authorized distributors - More information can be found at or by contacting Keysight sales representatives *Reflection measurement, DC input channel are supported by N9321C and N9322C


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