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Keysight Novus SFP28/QSFP28 High-Density 100/25/10GE Load Module

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The Keysight NOVUS-S 10/25GE8SFP28 is a high-density 100/50/25/10GE load module that enables you to test and validate 5G RAN transport network infrastructure, as well as high-speed Ethernet switches and routers for data centers and enterprises. With this load module, you can: - Generate and analyze traffic at wire speed with full L2/3 protocol coverage - Emulate Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) over 25GE interfaces - Support advanced features such as auto-negotiation, link training, and forward error correction - Interoperate with different speeds and media types such as optical transceivers, active optical cables, and passive copper cables - Perform hardware packet capture and decode tools to debug data transmission errors - Leverage industry-standard RFC benchmark tests in large test beds with many ports in a single test The load module has 8 native QSFP28 ports that can support up to 8x100GE, 8x50GE, 8x25GE, or 8x10GE speeds with pluggable QSA56 adapters. It also has a multicore processor with 2GB of CPU memory per port for all speed modes. It is compatible with various chassis models and applications from Keysight. For more information about this product, please visit: - [Keysight NOVUS-S 10/25GE8SFP28 High-Density 100/50/25/10GE Load Module]( - [Keysight High-Speed Ethernet Test Solutions]( - [Keysight IxNetwork Software](


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