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D9010DMBA De-embedding Software (PrecisionProbe, InfiiniSim Basic)

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Removes channel effects such as lossy cables or test fixtures; commonly referred to as ‘de-embedding’
  • View waveforms anywhere in a modeled system
  • Inserts channel effects such as a standard cable model
  • Replace one or more channel element with another
  • Characterizes and corrects for S21 insertion loss of cables, fixtures, and switches without the need of additional equipment such as a VNA or TDR
  • Measures and corrects probing frequency response for all probes connected to Infiniium oscilloscopes
  • Ensures every probe has the same frequency response and phase for consistent measurements across multiple probes
  • Share PrecisionProbe created characterization files (s2p or tf2) across multiple scopes and channels


PrecisionProbe and Infiniisim Basic provides two ways to de-embed the effect of cables and fixtures from measurements. This new package gives you both capabilities.

Compatible with all Infiniium oscilloscopes with firmware 6.30 or greater.