The Need for DDoS Mitigation Testing

Attackers can rent a botnet and even use a low orbit ion cannon to assemble a powerful distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. What would happen if your network experienced a crushing attack of 300Gbps? How about 400Gbps? DDoS attacks that target businesses and government institutions continue to grow in size, frequency, and complexity.

Hardening your network architecture and preparing for a DDoS attack mitigates the damage and allows your organization to become more resilient, even under attack. But you also need to know that preparations and investments will work as planned, stop bad flows, and allow good traffic to pass. Ensure that you are protected by testing scenarios prior to deployment.

DDOS mitigation test

Validate DDoS Defenses

DDoS Defenses

Keysight's BreakingPoint test solutions combine authentic DDoS traffic with your network’s real-world mix of application, exploit, and malformed traffic. They show the effects DDoS attacks have on your applications, individual devices, networks, and data centers.

Our Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) subscription service enables a simple way to create test flows of the same malicious and recreational traffic your network must withstand.

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