Validate the LTE connection

Mobile traffic volumes continue to grow exponentially along with subscriber expectations for a high-quality experience. Quality starts at the connection.

LTE radio access networks (RANs) leverage many new network connection protocols including heterogeneous networks (HetNets) to make the wireless connection for a wider range of services. New devices, network configurations, and services require proactive validation against realistic live-network scenarios—at scale and under high-stress conditions. Network connections must be subjected to the widest array of mobile applications and subscriber behavior in the lab to validate live network scale and complexity.

A woman sitting outside looking at her cellphone
Mobile phone in lab

Replicate Real World Complexities in Test

From functional testing during design to the ongoing optimization of premium services, Keysight provides comprehensive modeling of subscribers, applications, Quality of Service (QoS) policies, security threats, and mobility. The only single-vendor solution delivering “lab to live” LTE test coverage, our industry-leading realism and scalability measure the quality of the user experience (QoE) for an increasingly complex mix of mobile services—web browsing, video downloads, file transfers, HD voice calls, and more.

Create Your Own LTE Loads

IxLoad has a wireless module that isolates, emulates and assesses:

  • All aspects of an LTE Evolved Node B, or eNodeB, base station capacity and performance
  • Scalability to hundreds of simulated user devices
  • Evaluation of application-layer performance
  • Complex LTE handover scenarios
  • End-to-end service quality assessments
Network analytics

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