X-Series Measurement Applications

Measuring Receiver Application, Multi-touch UI

This bundle is part of PathWave X-Series Measurement Applications

Installs on: Computer or Instrument

Key Features

  • 30-Day Free Trial for X-Series Measurement Applications
  • Available on the N9030B PXA signal analyzer to form a measuring receiver solution (N5531X)
  • Analog demodulations (AM/FM/PM), RF power, frequency counter and audio analysis at metrology-grade accuracies
  • Intuitively operate the measuring receiver with “multi-touch” graphic user interface
  • Fully backward compatible with the legacy N5531S measuring receiver programming
  • Supports both measuring receiver configurations: “one-box”, or combination of analyzer and external power meter
  • KeysightCare software support subscription included

This Bundle Includes

  • N9091EM0E X-Series measurement application license for measuring receiver measurements with multi-touch UI
  • Measuring receiver measurement application software subscription and support (12-month)
  • “Trial before purchasing”- trial license is available
  • Save more with the floating perpetual license in large calibration facility


System Requirements

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PathWave X-Series Measurement Applications — The industry's broadest offering of measurement applications for benchtop and modular signal analyzers for cellular communications, wireless connectivity, aerospace/defense, and general purpose.

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