89600 VSA Software

Custom IQ Modulation Analysis

This bundle is part of PathWave Vector Signal Analysis (89600 VSA)

Installs on: Computer

Key Features

  • Create your own IQ constellation map with flexible editor
  • Customize your unique constellation from general formats
  • >10 filter types: RC, RRC, Gaussian, user-defined
  • EVM, magnitude error, phase error, and more IQ parameters
  • Track demodulated symbols and bits with coupled markers
  • Custom IQ modulation analysis is now part of the 89600 VSA software digital modulation analysis which includes digital modulation analysis, Custom IQ modulation analysis, and TEDS modulation analysis

This Bundle Includes

  • Basic vector and analog modulation analysis
  • Digital modulation analysis
  • Custom IQ modulation analysis
  • TEDS modulation analysis
  • Initial 12-month update subscription service


System Requirements

Instrument Compatibility

This Bundle Is Part of…

PathWave Vector Signal Analysis (89600 VSA) — A comprehensive set of tools for demodulation and vector signal analysis.

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