N9020B MXA Signal Analyzer

Flexibility to rapidly create next-generation devices and quickly adapt to evolving test requirements

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Design, Test, and Deliver Your Next Breakthrough with a Flexible Midrange Signal Analysis Platform

The MXA signal analyzer is the optimum choice as you take next-generation wireless devices to market. In research and development (R&D), characterize signals from virtually any wireless device quickly and confidently with up-to-date parametric or RF functional tests. The intuitive multi-touch interface shortens design verification test times by minimizing measurement complexity, even when working with cutting-edge devices. In manufacturing, the MXA helps you increase throughput and yield while reducing costs with the fastest, most accurate signal and spectrum measurements in a midrange benchtop analyzer.

  • See more with a wide frequency range of 10 Hz to 50 GHz with up to 160 MHz analysis bandwidth
  • Measure with greater confidence using best-in-class phase noise performance
  • Shorten test times with hardware-accelerated power measurements, rapid display updates, rapid marker peak searches, and fast sweeps
  • Get complete signal characterization by capturing longer I/Q samples
  • Accurately analyze complex signals such as 802.11ac with EVM as low as 0.3 percent (–50 dB)
  • Simplify testing with one-button measurements using X-Series applications
  • Capture elusive or transient signals with full-band real-time spectrum analysis

Minimize Troubleshooting Time with MXA Signal Analyzers

The MXA signal analyzer helps you find and solve problems faster with correlated results, minimal setup time, and customized measurement displays. Color-coded results and coupled markers make it easy to identify measurements and important events occurring in your new-generation wireless devices.

Key Specifications


10 Hz to 50 GHz

Maximum Analysis Bandwidth

160 MHz

Maximum Real-Time Bandwidth

160 MHz

DANL at 1 GHz

–172 dBm

Phase Noise at 1 GHz
(10 kHz offset)

–114 dBc/Hz

Absolute Amplitude Accuracy at 50 MHz

+/– 0.33 dB

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X-Series Applications — Simplify Complex Measurements and Deliver Repeatable Results

Understand the performance of your cellular, wireless, and aerospace/defense devices and designs with downloadable X-Series applications.

  • Gain more insight into device performance from parametric measurements to the latest standards-compliant wireless measurements including LTE and WLAN
  • Speed your time-to-insight with integrated applications that put consistent measurements at your fingertips
  • Speed time-to-market with the same measurements leveraged across design, validation, and production
  • Leverage built-in measurement expertise to quickly understand signals and device performance
  • Share applications across multiple instruments with available transportable licenses

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