N9010B EXA Signal Analyzer

Cost-effective analysis for millimeter-wave measurements

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Design, Test, and Deliver Your Next Breakthrough with a Fast, Flexible General-Purpose Signal Analysis Platform

Whether you're enhancing a product or improving test throughput, your general-purpose signal analyzer should be ready for a wide range of challenging requirements. That's what drives the Keysight EXA signal analyzer — the fast, flexible way to cover diverse needs with a single tool. It provides a solid mix of speed and performance and offers the versatility of X-Series measurement applications.

  • See more with a wide frequency range of 10 Hz to 44 GHz with up to 40 MHz analysis bandwidth
  • Save test time in your spurious response measurements with the fast sweep capability
  • Get the most cost-effective analysis for millimeter-wave measurements
  • Measure small signals in the presence of large ones with best-in-class level accuracy, displayed average noise level (DANL), and third order intermodulation (TOI) distortion
  • Perform power measurements quickly at discrete frequency points with list-sweep mode
  • Simplify testing with X-Series measurement apps

Quickly and Easily Set Up Multiple Signal Views on ExA Signal Analyzers

Low-level signals are often be hiding in noise. Additionally, the noise floor can impact signal amplitude, resulting in incorrect measurements. Learn how you can use traces and adjust parameters on the EXA to find hidden spurs and make more accurate measurements in the process.

Key Specifications


10 Hz to 44 GHz

Maximum Analysis Bandwidth

40 MHz

DANL at 1 GHz

–172 dBm

Phase Noise at 1 GHz
(10 kHz offset)

–109 dBc

Absolute Amplitude Accuracy at 50 MHz

+/– 0.40 dB

Third Order Intercept (TOI) at 1 GHz

+18 dBm

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Understand the performance of your cellular, wireless, and aerospace/defense devices and designs with downloadable X-Series applications.

  • Gain more insight into device performance from parametric measurements to the latest standards-compliant wireless measurements including LTE and WLAN
  • Speed your time-to-insight with integrated applications that put consistent measurements at your fingertips
  • Speed time-to-market with the same measurements leveraged across design, validation, and production
  • Leverage built-in measurement expertise to quickly understand signals and device performance
  • Share applications across multiple instruments with available transportable licenses

make Power Measurements easier with Powersuite and the eXA Signal Analyzer

Power measurements are essential to the characterization of any wireless device or system, whether you are creating a new design, verifying its performance, or testing it on the production line. In modern wireless communications, the ability to accurately measure the power of digitally modulated signals enables you to maximize the capacity of a system and improve the quality of communication.

PowerSuite provides one-touch measurements of channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel power, CCDF, harmonic distortion, burst power, third order intercept, spurious emissions, and spectrum emission mask.

Learn how PowerSuite makes power measurements simple and intuitive with one-touch power measurements.

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