WaferPro Express software performs automated wafer-level measurements of semiconductor devices such as transistors and circuit components. It provides turnkey drivers and test routines for a variety of instruments and wafer probers. Its new user interface makes it easy to set up and run complex wafer-level test plans, while the Python programming environment enables powerful customization capabilities.

WaferPro Express is a key software component of wafer-level measurement solutions (WMS), a joint partnership program by Keysight Technologies and Cascade Microtech. WMS products drastically reduce time to first measurement and provide accurate and repeatable device and component characterization.

Key Benefits of WaferPro Express

  • Turnkey test algorithms and instrument drivers reduce the software learning curve and accelerate the process of setting up your measurement system and performing your first measurement.
  • A modern and intuitive user interface quickly enables you to connect to instruments and define a test plan. To further increase efficiency, the software integrates with Cascade Microtech Nucleus and WinCal XE software to enable seamless probe station control and automated RF calibration.
  • WaferPro Express offers exclusive integration with Cascade Microtech’s latest control software, Velox 2. The new WaferSync interface between WaferPro Express and Velox enables complete wafer map synchronization and automated monitoring of the RF calibration during test plan execution.
  • Advanced tools such as Data Display, Wafer Mapping Data Viewer, and the SQL database increase productivity when you need to efficiently handle high-volume data. In addition, the Python / PEL programming environment enables you to customize test algorithms and measured data analysis.
  • WaferPro Express is the software platform for the advanced low-frequency noise analyzer, a high-performance noise analyzer for making accurate and repeatable low-frequency noise measurements.

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