PathWave Device Modeling (IC-CAP) software is the industry standard for DC and RF semiconductor device modeling. The Integrated Circuit Characterization and Analysis Program (IC-CAP) extracts accurate compact models used in high speed/digital, analog and power RF applications. Today’s most advanced semiconductor foundries and IDMs rely on IC-CAP for modeling silicon CMOS, Bipolar, compound gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN) and many other IC device technologies. IC-CAP is the most advanced, customizable modeling software and includes measurement, simulation, optimization and statistical analysis tools.

  • Open modeling software architecture enables maximum accuracy and provides ultimate flexibility to create and automate measurement, extraction and verification procedures
  • Turnkey extraction solutions for industry standard CMOS models, such as BSIM3/BSIM4, PSP and HiSIM, minimize the learning curve and maximize model accuracy
  • Most direct links to commercial simulators ensure consistency between extracted models and the simulators used by circuit designers

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