One Platform for IP Data Management, Project Management, and Team Collaboration

Elevate intellectual property (IP) design and resourcing with Keysight IP Management (HUB), a central repository for all information about your IP. Formerly known as Cliosoft HUB, this ISO 26262-certified IP management platform offers an enterprise-wide IP catalog, traceability for complete management control, and comprehensive collaboration support.

IP and system design engineers and managers use this software to create, manage, and share IP by including documents, user experiences, scripts, methodologies, libraries, and even ideas with their IP. With a user homepage, documents section, project forum, and curated newsfeed, Keysight IP Management (HUB) guides engineers through the IP creation, design, management, and publication process from start to finish—and beyond.

Central Hub for IP Management and Reuse

With Keysight IP Management (HUB) software, your team can:

  • Create, update, find, reuse, and publish IP and designs across multiple sites and teams with full visibility
  • Get real-time oversight and insights with notifications, workflows, tracking, and reporting features so you can review changes, analyze conflicts, and approve releases easily
  • Track IP and design dependencies automatically with bill of materials (BOM) or consumer filter options to help guide selection, updates, and integration

Never Manually Track Down IP Usage Again

Keysight IP Management (HUB) provides clear traceability of an IP across the full design hierarchy. This helps with engineering change orders (ECOs) and promotes adherence to industry standards like functional safety (included in ISO 26262). Keysight IP Management (HUB) knows exactly where an IP is being used, its dependencies, and the hierarchy within its design, eliminating the need to manually track down IP usage across the enterprise. Designers, managers, and consumers can trace important details across the IP with features such as:

  • IP usage tracking
  • Issue analysis
  • Document tracking
  • Filtering by BOM or by consumer
Collage of four IP Management (HUB) software screenshots illustrating traceability features
IP catalog open in Keysight IP Management (HUB) software

Locate, Compare, and Collaborate with the IP Catalog

The catalog feature within Keysight IP Management (HUB) helps engineers locate and compare all the IP available across the enterprise—both for third-party and internal IP. While third-party IP can include licensing information and impose license restrictions to prevent unlicensed usage, the catalog feature in Keysight's IP Management (HUB) software helps you find the correct IP and get full visibility by including all crucial background information. This allows design engineers from across the enterprise to collaborate around the IP, perform analyses, and share important data without restriction.

IP Management (HUB) Connects to Just About Everything

Keysight IP Management (HUB) integrates with IP design tools from all major electronic design automation (EDA) vendors for seamless collaboration. For IP designers and project managers using data management tools, IP Management (HUB) includes connectors for smooth integration.

command access icon

Easy Command Access

Easy access to design management commands from the library manager or any editor.

check-in/check-out icon

Auto Check-In/Out

Integration platforms provide auto check-in and check-out for a streamlined working process.

query and visualization icon

Powerful Query and Visualization

Feature-rich design manager for advanced operation with powerful query and visualization.

application operations icon

Application-Specific Operations

Design management operations by design hierarchy or category.

Popular Integrations

Through Keysight's long-standing EDA industry relationships, Keysight's IP Management (HUB) software offers native integration with tools your team is already using.

Data Management

  • Keysight DDM (SOS)
  • Perforce
  • Subversion
  • Git

Issue Tracking

  • Jira
  • Bugzilla

EDA Tools

  • Cadence Virtuoso Studio
  • In-house tools
    (via the REST API)

Documents Management

  • Confluence
  • Google Docs
  • Dropbox
  • Box
Query report open in Keysight IP Management (HUB) software

Experience IP Management (HUB)

From design to publication and beyond, Keysight IP Management (HUB) provides IP design engineers, system engineers, and IP managers with advanced and analytics tools to get the most out of their IP. Request a free demo today to experience the power of effective IP management.

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