Streamline Design Data Management for Scalability and Collaboration

Streamline your integrated circuit (IC) design data across multiple workflows from concept to tapeout with Keysight Design Data Management (SOS). While software engineers commonly use software configuration tools, IC design engineers choose Keysight Design Data Management (SOS) to handle massive volumes of design data. Formerly known as Cliosoft SOS, Keysight SOS enables IC design teams to optimize the archival of substantial graphic design system (GDS) files and simulation waveforms with scalability, flexibility, and robust security features. The advanced revision control, coupled with release and derivative design management capabilities, sets Keysight DDM (SOS) apart from the competition.

With Keysight DDM (SOS) software, IC designers can:

  • Accelerate hardware development lifecycles to take on more projects
  • Adapt to the growing heterogeneous integration of digital, analog, mixed-signal, and radio frequency (RF) designs with adjustable hardware configuration management capabilities
  • Effortlessly collaborate on multi-site designs with remote cache servers, auto synchronization, and secure data transfer and handoff

Adopt a More Productive Workflow

Built for hardware design and management, Keysight DDM (SOS) software lets you:

  • Create, update, and release intellectual property (IP) and designs with complete control and management directly from your design tool
  • Receive notifications of updated IP and designs to help guide selection, updates, and integration
  • Review changes, analyze conflicts, and approve releases easily

Optimize Network Storage, Reduce Costs

Keysight DDM (SOS) optimizes network storage without proprietary hardware or changes to operating or file systems. Designed for integrated circuit (IC) design projects that often involve thousands of large files, Keysight DDM (SOS) software maximizes workspace efficiency while minimizing disk space usage. By leveraging cache servers, DDM (SOS) eliminates duplication, ensuring that only actively edited files are stored as physical copies.

Hardware design engineer works on network optimization while standing in a server room

Keysight Design Data Management (SOS) Connects to Just About Everything

Keysight Design Data Management (SOS) integrates with IC design tools from all major electronic design automation (EDA) vendors. For design engineers using software configuration tools, Keysight DDM (SOS) includes connectors for seamless integration.

command access icon

Easy Command Access

Easy access to design management commands from the library manager or any editor.

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Auto Check-In/Out

Integration platforms provide auto check-in and check-out for a streamlined working process.

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Powerful Query and Visualization

Feature-rich design manager for advanced operations with powerful query and visualization.

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Application-Specific Operations

Design management operations by design hierarchy or category.

Laptop screen showing Keysight Visual Design Diff (VDD) software open

Sync Schematics and Layouts with Keysight Visual Design Diff Software (VDD)

Streamline identification of the differences between two versions of a schematic or layout with Keysight Visual Design Diff (VDD). Along with graphic comparison features and easy revisions, VDD generates instant reports to keep your schematic and layout engineers in sync.

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