MXG Signal Generators

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Test Your R&D Device and System Within and Beyond Its Limits

On the path to better performance, the Keysight's MXG signal generators are fine-tuned signal sources in R&D measurements. Whether you’re pushing for a linear RF chain or an optimized link budget, the analog and vector MXG models deliver the performance and capabilities you need: phase noise, ACPR, channel coding, and more.

  • Address the demanding tests requirements of radar modules and systems with excellent phase noise
  • Keep pace with the latest data throughput in LTE-Advanced and 802.11ac WLAN with 160 MHz bandwidth and EVM down to 0.4%
  • Drive power amplifiers and characterize nonlinear power amplifier behavior with industry-leading ACPR and output power
  • Accelerate your calibration process with switching speeds of less than 600 us

Key Specifications


9 kHz – 40 GHz

Phase Noise @ 1 GHz (20 kHz offset)

-146 dBc/Hz

Frequency Switching

<= 600 us

IQ Modulation BW (Internal/External)

Up to 200 MHz

Modulation Types Available

AM, FM, PM, Pulse

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PathWave Signal Generation Software

PathWave Signal Generation software is a flexible suite of signal-creation tools that will reduce the time you spend on signal simulation. Its performance-optimized reference signals - validated by Keysight - enhance the characterization and verification of your devices.

  • Create performance-optimized reference signals
  • Validate component, transmitter, and receiver testing
  • Ensure designs meet latest standards
  • Speed signal creation and reduce simulation time

Best Practices for Optimizing Your Signal Generator

Signal generators provide precise, highly stable test signals for a variety of components and system test applications. Knowing the capabilities and performance of your signal generator is the first step in making accurate and consistent measurements. In this two-part Application Note, we discuss the best practices to optimize your signal generator.


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