USB Power Sensors for Power Measurement

Keysight’s LAN and USB power sensors offer the capability to measure peak and average power of a power meter in a compact and portable form factor.

Setup is fast and easy with the plug-and-play USB connectivity. Simply connect the sensor to your PC and start performing power measurement immediately with the bundled software. With Keysight’s USB power sensors, you get what you need— simple setup, beyond just a sensor.

Looking for a LAN connectivity power sensor for long-distance remote monitoring of satellite systems? Choose the L20X0XA LAN power sensor, a LAN/Power over Ethernet (PoE) based sensor with thermal vacuum option, and the widest dynamic range.

Looking for a USB power sensor to plug into your PC? Choose the U20X0XA USB Power sensor, with real-time measurement, zero dead time, and internal firmware memory available up to 1Mbyte.

U/L2050/60 X-Series USB / LAN Wide Dynamic Range Peak and Average Power Sensors

  • Wide dynamic range at -70 to +26 dBm and measures continuous pulses with zero dead time (down to 100us PRI or 10 kHz PRF)

U2049XA (Option TVA) and L2065XT LAN Power Sensors

  • Frequency up to 33/53GHz thermal vacuum compliance LAN power sensor

U2040 X-Series Wide Dynamic Range Power Sensors

  • Fast measurement speed and (50,000 readings/sec)

U2020 X-Series USB Peak and Average Power Sensors

  • Wide peak power dynamic range and high measurement speed in buffered mode

U8480 Series USB Thermocouple Power Sensors

  • Best in class power linearity and real-time measurement uncertainty (MU) feature

U2000 Series USB Average Power Sensors

  • Measures the average power for all signal types, unlimited bandwidth

Intuitive Power Measurement Software

  • A BenchVue software license (BV0007B) is now included with your instrument. BenchVue makes it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences.

Instruments Compatibility:

Now it is fully firmware compatible with Keysight selected instrument (for U2000 series only).

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