Multiple Measurement Instruments in One Semiconductor Device Analyzer

The Keysight B1500A semiconductor parameter analyzer is an all-in-one device characterization analyzer supporting IV, CV, pulse/dynamic IV and more. The mainframe and plug-in modules enable the characterization of most electronic devices, as well as materials, semiconductors, and active/passive components.

 It provides a wide range of measurement capabilities to cover the electrical characterization and evaluation of devices, materials, semiconductors, active/passive components, or virtually any other type of electronic device with uncompromised measurement reliability and efficiency. The B1500A modular architecture gives you the flexibility to upgrade when needed.

  • Switch between CV and IV measurements without re-cabling
  • Capture ultra-fast transient phenomena not possible with other conventional test instruments
  • Detect multi-frequency AC capacitance measurements from a range of 1 kHz to 5 MHz
  • Analyze data without an external PC using the intuitive 15-inch touch screen interface
  • Configure the B1500A with your choice of measurement modules, up to 10 slots in a box
  • Enjoy the 15-inch wide touch screen with intuitive EasyEXPERT group+ software

Why Buy From Us?

World-class measurement capabilities

Characterize your device/material with confidence

With a minimum of 0.5 V and 0.1 fA resolution, the B1500A is considered the industry's best low voltage and current measurement tool. It also has a pulsed IV measurement rate of 100 nanoseconds and a sampling rate of 5 nanoseconds with no load-line effect.

One-box Complete Solution

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A complete solution that covers all your device characterization needs

The B1500A supports everything from fundamental current-voltage (I/V) and capacitance-voltage (CV) characterization to ultra-fast pulsed IV testing. It has flexible and upgradeable modules with up to ten slots for future measurement needs. The B1500A is a one-box solution with touch screen functionality that runs on the Windows platform.

Best-in-class softwarE

Device Benchmark Toolset

Simplifies your device characterization with EasyEXPERT group+

The B1500A includes best-in-class software with over 300 ready-to-use application tests that allow you to perform a measurement in just three simple steps. You can improve test efficiency by automating graphical display, analysis, and parameter extraction. It also provides easy switching matrix control and automated testing with semi-automatic wafer probers.


Cost Reduction

Get versatile measurement capabilities at a lower cost

  • If you are a researcher or educator, look no further; buy now and save 30% on the B1500A mainframe.
  • If you are in charge of advanced NVM evaluations such as ReRAM, PCRAM, and FeRAM, save 15% on B1500A in advanced NVM test configurations.
  • If you are interested in automated Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) measurements on a wafer, you can perform them at a low cost with the W7801B WGFMU Measurement Bundle Software.

Key Specifications

Max Output Coverage

200 V / 1 A

Max SMU Channels


Connector Type

Active guard triaxial

Min Measure Resolution

0.1 fA / 0.5 µV



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Device Characterization in 3 Steps

Use the included EasyEXPERT group+ characterization software on the B1500A semiconductor parameter analyzer or your PC. EasyEXPERT group+ includes over 300 ready-to-use application tests, which allow you to make a measurement in three easy steps:

Step 1: Select a measurement from one of the built-in libraries

Step 2: Modify measurement parameters and save customizations in your favorites

Step 3: Press the measure button and the results display graphically

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