5G Channel Sounding, Reference Solution

Keysight Technologies has developed the S5060A Quantum Engineering Toolkit (QET), Reference Solution. The QET is a powerful system for use in single and multi-qubit research lab experiments. The goal of QET is to provide an integrated solution, born from the strong electronics expertise of Keysight Technologies, and make it easily available to quantum laboratories all around the world.

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  • Single and multi-qubit research experiments
  • End-to-end control and measurement in Quantum Computing and Information systems


  • Modular and low cost solution
  • World-class low phase noise
  • System initialization and calibration


  • DC, RF, and microwave control and measurement signal generation with direct digital synthesizer (DDS) local oscillators
  • A variety of software platforms for system initialization, calibration, and control
  • Tight timing synchronization and execution with our high-level time sequencer (Keysight M3601A software)
  • User friendly and open FPGA configuration (Keysight M3602A software)

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