5G Channel Sounding, Reference Solution

The 5G Channel Sounding, Reference Solution is a combination of hardware, software, and measurement expertise providing the essential components to accelerate 5G sounding research. This reference solution enables researchers and design engineers to use, enhance, or modify the test platform as required to meet specific test application needs including scalable channel count, flexibility to transmit and measure in millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies, wide transmit and analysis bandwidths, and real-time data processing.


  • Characterize 5G mmWave frequencies with high-performance metrology-grade test equipment that supports ultra-wide bandwidth and MIMO
  • Fastest data capture with real-time correlation and processing of wideband MIMO channels
  • Accurate measurements with system-wide calibrations, precise timing, and synchronization
  • Flexible and scalable to more MIMO channels and evolving 5G development


  • Tx / Rx up to 44 GHz with 1 GHz bandwidth for 4 or 8 MIMO channels
  • Capture multiple, phase-coherent channels for real-time processing of channel impulse response (CIR) in on-board FPGAs
  • IO control synchronizes Tx and Rx to < 1 e-12 accuracy and < 1 e-12 stability

Measurement applications and software

  • Includes IO control software and calibration instructions that allow for precise synchronization between the Tx and Rx and accurate channel-to-channel performance to achieve accurate measurements such as absolute delay, AoA, and AoD.
  • Calibrations for system impulse response, I/Q imbalance, multichannel magnitude, phase skew, and power are performed using M9099 Waveform Creator Software and 89600 VSA Software.
  • The included real-time CIR measurement performed in the M9703A AXIe digitizer FPGA drastically shortens data collection time and required disk space.
  • Channel parameter estimations such as path delay, AoA, and Doppler shift can be completed using custom algorithms in the SystemVue software platform. Once the channel parameters are understood, the SystemVue platform can be used to do link-level simulation for new 5G designs.

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