E3620 Series Bench Power Supply

Manual control, reliable power, repeatable results

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Reliable Power in a Dual or Triple Output Adjustable Power Supply

With multiple outputs in a compact unit, the E3620A and E3630A power supplies provide excellent performance while saving space on your bench. Both instruments feature a tight 0.01% line and load regulation and a low normal mode noise specification to ensure clean power for precision circuitry. Additionally, the E3620A and E3630A feature separate digital panel meters so you can monitor voltage and current simultaneously.

  • Low output noise with ripple and noise <350 μVrms
  • Stable output, load regulation < 0.01%
  • Meter accuracy 0.5%
  • Smooth turn-on and turn-off without power spikes
    • Outputs protected from short-circuit damage
    • Common mode current less than 1 μA
    • Simple front panel control

    Key Specifications

    Number of Outputs

    2 or 3

    Total Power

    35 or 50 W

    Ripple and Noise

    < 350 μVrms


    0.5% + 2 counts


    Front Panel Control Only

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    The E3620A adjustable power supply provides two independent outputs while the E3630A provides three outputs with common ground. Both use the same low noise linear design.

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    Dual Output Power Supply

    • Outputs: Independent and isolated
    • Output 1: 0 to 25 V, 1 A
    • Output 2: 0 to 25 V, 1 A

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    Triple Output Power Supply

    • Output 1: 0 to 6 V, 1 to 2.5 A
    • Output 2: 0 to 20 V, 0.5 A
    • Output 3: 0 to -20 V, 0.5 A
    • Outputs: Common ground

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