Compact and Affordable System Power Supply

The Keysight N8700 Series ATE system power supply delivers high current with low noise in a compact two unit package. Airflow moves front to back, so no additional space is required above or below the power supply in your automated test equipment (ATE) rack. This series of programmable power supplies sources up to 3300 or 5200 W. Get output voltages from 8 to 600 V and 5.5 to 400 A.

  • compact high-power density in a two unit package
  • low noise output  — as low as 8 mVrms
  • extensive device protection with overcurrent, overvoltage, and under-voltage
  • simple front panel operation — separate knobs for voltage and current
  • modern I/O using USB, LAN (LXI-Core), and GPIB
  • front to back airflow simplifies rack mounting
  • power supply protection from overtemperature
  • up to four units connect in parallel for higher current
  • flexible AC input options for 208 V, 400 V, 230 V

PathWave BenchVue Power Supply Software

Provides easy control of your power supplies to set parameters and visualize I/V data on a trend chart.

  • Track and record your power supply output to understand the impact of the power draw for specific events.
  • Connect and control your power supplies through the cloud.
  • Export data to popular tools, such as MATLAB, Microsoft Excel, or Word for further analysis.
  • Create automated test sequences quickly with minimal instrument knowledge.

Simple to Integrate, Easy to Operate

Quickly integrate the N8700 Series ATE system power supply into any system. Its true two unit high design allows mounting of instruments directly above and below this supply. A choice of AC input voltages simplifies integration. Automation is straight forward with modern I/O or with analog programming. Confirm the proper operation with a quick glance at the bright front panel display which indicates operating status.

Key Specifications

Number of Outputs


Total Power

3300 or 5200 W

Rack Units


Ripple and Noise

8 to 120 mVrms



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