Automotive Ethernet-Driving the Future

Autonomous vehicles promise to change the nature of commercial and passenger transportation over the roadways. Within new vehicles, data speed and bandwidth requirements are increasing. With the development of automotive Ethernet, faster data communications are now possible and the increasing demands for today’s vehicles and future connected vehicles can be met. Unlike the slower speed backplanes of CAN and LIN 100BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet requires rigorous compliance testing. Keysight’s full suite of automotive Ethernet solutions automate testing and validation across Tx, Rx and channel testing from 10 Mb/s to 10Gb/s automotive Ethernet providing increased test accuracy and saving time.

Achieve Reliable, High-Performance Automotive Ethernet

Keysight’s automotive Ethernet solutions provide automated testing for automotive Ethernet designs.

These automotive Ethernet electrical test software packages let you automatically execute tests and display the results in a flexible report format. In addition to the measurement data, the report provides a margin analysis that shows how closely your device passed or failed each test.

The following automotive ethernet compliance solutions are available:

  • Transceiver testing for Open Alliance TC1, TC8, TC12, TC15 and IEEE 802.3cg, 802.3bw, 802.3bp, and 802.3ch 
  • Receiver testing for OPEN Alliance TC1, TC12, IEEE 802.3bw and 802.3bp
  • Protocol trigger & decode for IEEE 802.3bw and 802.3bp
  • Channel testing for Open Alliance TC1, TC9, TC15, IEEE 802.3bw, 802.3bp and 802.3ch 

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