• Stand-alone GUI to USB connection for manual operation and remote API for integration of automated systems
  • Set power contracts to 100 Watts for provider and consumers of power
  • Set alt mode to Thunderbolt, DP2+2, or DP 4 lane modes
  • Power supply interface for Keysight N6701C for supply and load with one connection
  • USB3.1 Low Frequency Periodic Signaling source
  • Thunderbolt and DisplayPort automation interfaces
  • Probe access for SBU1/SBU2, CC1/CC2 and VBUS
  • Front panel indicators of VBUS range and CC line selection

The Type-C Test Controller provides full control of the USB Type-C interface which is core to the RX and TX compliance testing in USB3.1, Thunderbolt and DisplayPort. Power contracts (consuming or providing) can be made up to 100 Watts and alt modes for DisplayPort and Thunderbolt function can be invoked. Test automation is supported through routing of SBU lines to support DisplayPort and Thunderbolt testing as well as USB LFPS signaling to facilitate USB3.1 compliance mode testing as well as testing LBPM (LFPS Based Pulse Width Modulation) signaling. Access to key signals such as VBUS, CC lines, SBU is provided for power up/debug, interface protocol monitoring, or for power delivery testing.

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