N5183B MXG X-Series microwave analog signal generator offers 9 kHz to 40 GHz frequency coverage and near PSG levels of phase noise performance.

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Trade in your current signal generator or a competitor's model and get a credit up to 50% toward a new N5171/2B, N5181/2B, N5173B, or N5183B signal generator.


Maximize speed and rack space with the pure and precise MXG

  • Get a fast, compact (2U) alternative to the PSG in the lab, depot or field
  • Address demanding tests of radar modules & systems with near-PSG levels of spectral purity
  • Compensate for system loss & drive high-power amplifiers: +19 dBm output power, -55 dBc harmonics & -68 dBc spurious @ 20 GHz
  • Reduce calibration time with switching speed 600 µs
  • Simulate narrowband chirps & radar antenna scans with up to five internal function generators that can be used with AM, FM, OM pulse modulation

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