• Electrodes (diameter: 26/50/76mm) can satisfy various insulation measurement standards such as ASTM D-257
  • Triaxial input terminal configuration minimizes the influences due to external noise and as a result, high resistance up to 10 POhm can be measured accurately
  • A built-in interlock circuit enables safe high voltage measurements
The N1424C is designed to operate specifically with the B2985B/87B
Electrometer/High Resistance Meter. It is used to measure surface or volume resistance/resistivity of insulation materials. The N1413A High Resistance Meter Fixture Adapter is required to connect the N1424C to the B2985B/87B.
Learn more about Keysight B2980B Series Femtometer / Picoammeters and Electrometers / High Resistance Meters.
N1424C Resistivity Cell

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