Meet the EV1003A Power Converter Test Solution for HEV/EV and HEMS

This Keysight solution addresses the safety, regulatory, and environmental issues facing the HEV/EV market. It is the only commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) regenerative power system with highly integrated safety features that protect your devices under test and your people. The regenerative capabilities enable the energy consumed to be put back onto the grid cleanly, saving costs from energy consumption and cooling, while not interfering with the grid. Keysight's solution and worldwide support give you the confidence to deploy high-voltage, high-power solutions to meet the fast paced, high-growth demands of the HEV/EV market.

  • Get sourcing (power supply) and sinking (electronic load) up to 2000 V, up to ±800 A, and up to 20 kW
  • Create up to 200 kW power or loading through easy parallel connection of up to 10 units
  • Leverage features rarely found in 20 kW power sources: list mode, best-in-class measurement accuracy
  • More accurately emulate high-voltage, high-power battery up to 50 Ohms with programmable resistance (model dependent)
  • Reduce footprint with compact size: up to 20 kW of sourcing and loading in 3U; compare to typical 6 kW load at 4U and typical 12 kW load at 6U

High Performance Power, Safety, and Analysis

The EV1003A Power Converter Test Solution brings together three instruments for testing power converters: the RP7900 Series Regenerative Power System, The SD1000A Safety Disconnect, and the PA2203A IntegraVision Power Analyzer.

  • RP7900: Reduce costs for cooling and electricity with an eco-friendly, regenerative design
  • SD1000A: Handle faults and ensure output is secured (i.e. disconnected) with redundant safety disconnect system (500 V and 950 V models only)
  • PA2203A: Visualize transients, in-rush currents & state changes with a high-speed digitizer on 12.1" touchscreen

Key Specifications

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